Top European Banks

duregger research provides three ways to compare and analyse the Top European Banks:

1. Our new Excel app "EuB 24"

2. Our interactive online tool (XY-Charts)

3. Our book "European Banks"

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With this EXCEL application you can compare and analyse the Top European Banks on your own. See the teaser about the previous year version on the right to get a first impression. The new version will be available end of May.

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This video about the 2021 version shows you by means of examples how you can use our new app for your own analyses.

Interactive Chart

Top European Banks

Analyse the success of a Bank with one click! Find out if there Is a connection between RoE and the Cost/Income Ratio and reveal many other correlations with this easy to use interactive chart.

Start by clicking one of the measures and see what trends you can identify.

Point to one of the dots and reveal the name of the bank.

To date, 41 of the TOP European Banks have published their 2023 Annual Report. The chart is updated continuously.

    This diagram plots the RoE of the TOP European Banks against 7 different measures.

    It will be updated as soon as more banks have published their 2023 financial statements.

    A comprehensive book on European Banks

    Finding relevant data has never been easier. The new book presents the Top European Banks and provides both an overview of the European banking industry and details of the individual banks.

    The 2023 edition will be available end of May.

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    duregger research delivers standard reference works for managing boards, supervisory boards and external auditors of the Top European Banks.

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    Save hours of time-consuming online research and get the best base for your further analysis – fast, clear and easy to handle.

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    We have comparedanalysed and clearly presented the annual reports of the TOP European Banks.

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    The Top 50 European banks are ranked by balance-sheet equity capital.

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    Save time with our Top European banks data sheet

    Finding the right information can be challenging and very time consuming. So why don’t you let us do the job for you? In order to show you how straightforward an analysis can be, we would like to give you a first impression of what duregger research can do for you. Take a look at our Top 50 banks data sheet featuring key figures and relevant links to the annual reports of the banks.

    The table below is being updated whenever one of the TOP European Banks publishes its annual report 2023.

    Bank Total Assets (€M) Equity (€M) Download annual reports
    ABN AMRO 377,909 24,165 Download
    Allied Irish Bank 136,349 13,960 Download
    Alpha Bank 73,663 7,305 Download
    BBVA 775,558 51,701 Download
    BNP Paribas 2,591,499 123,742 Download
    BPCE 1,544,139 83,854 Download
    Banco BPM 202,132 14,038 Download
    Banco Comercial Portugues 94,380 6,312 Download
    Bank of Ireland 155,708 12,558 Download
    Barclays 1,700,215 81,938 Download
    BayernLB 273,364 14,621 Download
    Belfius Bank 179,179 11,684 Download
    Commerzbank 517,166 28,878 Download
    Crédit Agricole 2,189,398 71,086 Download
    DNB 306,012 21,985 Download
    DZ Bank 644,589 29,106 Download
    Danske 505,975 23,580 Download
    Deutsche Bank 1,312,331 64,486 Download
    ERSTE BANK 337,155 19,243 Download
    HSBC 2,749,934 167,719 Download
    Handelsbanken 318,835 18,482 Download
    Helaba 202,072 10,332 Download
    ING 975,583 51,240 Download
    Intesa 963,570 63,963 Download
    KBC Group 346,921 22,010 Download
    LBBW 333,305 15,301 Download
    Lloyds 1,014,330 46,288 Download
    Mediobanca 91,639 11,325 Download
    NatWest Group 797,092 42,758 Download
    Nationwide 312,880 19,455 Download
    Nordea 584,702 31,225 Download
    Nykredit 225,631 13,036 Download
    OP Financial Group 160,391 16,138 Download
    PKO Bank Polski 115,570 10,425 Download
    Rabobank 613,796 49,042 Download
    Raiffeisen Bank International 198,241 17,009 Download
    SEB 325,182 19,987 Download
    Sabadell 235,173 13,845 Download
    Santander 1,797,062 95,423 Download
    Société Générale 1,554,045 65,975 Download
    Standard Chartered 744,655 40,222 Download
    Swedbank 257,347 17,913 Download
    UBS 1,554,069 77,926 Download
    UniCredit 784,974 64,079 Download